SmartScape Articles

Winter Watering Tips

  • December 2017

Though precipitation in the winter months is substantially lower than the spring and fall peaks, the combined effects of cool weather and dormant plants results in much lower watering needs....

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Changes in Planting Zones

  • September 2017

Local climate plays a key role in gardening and landscaping success, so it is very important to keep track of hardiness zones and the plants that are appropriate for those zones....

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How drought resistant are these plants?

  • June 2017

You often hear that certain plants are \"drought tolerant\" or \"water conserving,\" but what does that really mean?  Several scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife decided to put it to the test and find o...

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March is SmartScape Month

  • March 2017

March is SmartScape month, and this year\'s theme is \"Plants that thrive, rain or shine.\" Texas SmartScape™ plants are plants that are known to thrive in the wide range of temperature and moist...

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2017 SmartScape Plant Sales

  • February 2017

Searching for the best plants for your landscape? Texas SmartScape™ plants are native or adapted to North Central Texas, so they can thrive—come rain or shine—with little to no pesticides or fer...

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Stop the Crape Murder!

  • January 2017

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the way to prune your crape myrtle trees. Do not be led to believe this is necessary by landscape crews or neighbors!...

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