Aesthetic Benefits of SmartScape

One obvious aesthetic benefit of planting native or adapted plants is the beautification of your house and yard.

During the summer, this plant beauty will be enjoyed while you are sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of your new home or by being in the middle of the action in your garden or landscape. Using information in this guide, you can have something blooming or changing colors throughout the growing season.

Another aesthetic benefit is watching, photographing or even sketching the wildlife attracted to your landscape. The visual appeal of butterflies, birds, honeybees and other wildlife is a bonus provided by your Texas SmartScape™. A certain amount of pride and artistic satisfaction is associated with locating, planting and maintaining decorative plants that live in harmony with (or survive) our unique local climate.

Visiting demonstration gardens near you provides an opportunity to experience the aesthetic benefits of native and adapted plants firsthand. This is an especially useful trip to take before you actually design your own landscape.



Oxeye Daisy




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