Economic Benefits of SmartScape

Save money on water bills

During warm weather, 40% to 60% of your water bill is spent on outdoor water use. Since native and adapted plants require up to 80% less water than non-adapted plants, you will save money by using less water to maintain them.

Save money by buying less fertilizer and pesticides

Native and adapted plants typically require little or no fertilizer and pesticides. If you want to be even more economically "Smart," avoid purchasing pesticides at all. Not using pesticides, such as Diazinon, prevents them from ending up in our local creeks and lakes.

Save money on plant replacements caused by droughts and local watering restrictions

If local watering restrictions during drought conditions result in the die-off of high water use plants, you will be spending money to replace them. By SmartScaping™, severe watering restrictions will have less impact on your plants and you will not have the expense of replacement.

Save money by avoiding future increases to water pollution treatment costs

It is much less expensive to prevent storm water runoff pollution than to remove it. If concentrations of pesticides and fertilizers in storm water runoff continue to increase, very costly options to treat contaminated runoff will have to be considered by cities/counties. Water providers might also be faced with increasing drinking water treatment costs. By using SmartScape™ techniques, you can help prevent runoff pollution and avoid future water treatment costs to remove pesticides and fertilizers.


Save money by watering less



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