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Texas SmartScape™ is helping to promote education on pollution prevention through efficient and effective water use for the benefit of our citizens.

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Changes in Planting Zones

Local climate plays a key role in gardening and landscaping success, so it is very important to keep track of hardiness zones and the plants that are appropriate for those zones.

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How drought resistant are these plants?

You often hear that certain plants are \"drought tolerant\" or \"water conserving,\" but what does that really mean?  Several scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife decided to put it to the test and find o

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Why SmartScape?

SmartScapes are NOT

  • Desert 'scapes
  • Rock gardens
  • Cactus plants

SmartScapes ARE

  • Well adapted to the Texas heat
  • Drought tolerant
  • Pest and disease resistant
  • Attractants of beneficial animals and insects

By Using Native and Adaptive Plants, you

  • Conserve precious water
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Prevent water pollution
  • Provide wildlife habitat