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Texas SmartScape™ was originally produced in May 2001 as a CD ROM for use by the local governments in North Central Texas participating in the Regional Storm Water Management Program. In 2003 the North Central Texas SmartScape™ Web version was released. In 2005 the City of Lubbock sponsored the development of the West Texas version. This educational tool is now helping to educate the citizens of North Central and West Texas regions on water pollution prevention and conservation.

Any person, entity, agency or organization wishing to utilize the Texas SmartScape™ Web site and/or CD must abide by the original SmartScape™ CD copyright agreement, which states that "materials and graphics used in SmartScape™ would not be sold for profit and would be distributed as a community information project only. For any other use, or modification of any material contained in this Web site (or CD), approval must be obtained from the original copyright holders or their representatives."

NCTCOG maintains trademark rights on the term "SmartScape", all rights reserved. The name cannot be used without explicit permission and authorization of NCTCOG.

Use of the Texas SmartScape™ CD ROM

Persons that have obtained an original copy of the 2001 Texas SmartScape™ CD (cities, counties, agencies, businesses, community groups, individuals, etc.) are encouraged to duplicate and distribute the CD for free or at reproduction cost only. CD distributors must also abide by the copyright and use agreements stated above.

If making copies of the CD to distribute, please share this information with us so that we can gauge the effectiveness of this type of information distribution. Please use the feedback form to email us the number of CDs you duplicated and distributed.

Note: information posted at this site is needed for numerical totals only. There are no fees or charges for your duplication and distribution of this material in its original form; however, the SmartScape™ CD or information, graphics and photography contained therein is not to be modified, altered, sold or used for-profit. Thanks for helping provide the Texas SmartScape™ CD to others.

Music: Native Rose (click here to listen to the song) by Allen, Cleveland & Moore. This is original music, written by Robert Allen and performed by Allen, Cleveland & Moore, for the opening segment of the Texas SmartScape™ CD. Phone: (817) 581-4436.

Material adapted from a book: Texas Wildscapes, Chapter 4, Designing Your Wildscape. Permission to use the design materials was granted by John Herron, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. E-mail:

Photographs provided by team members:

Randy Weston, Weston Gardens, Inc. Randy supplied nearly all the original photos of perennials for the database as well as slides that were used in other sections and graphic designs. Web site:

Dotty Woodson, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Tarrant County. Dotty provided many of the photos of trees, shrubs and groundcovers that were used in the original database. E-mail:

Gene Rattan, Tarrant County Public Health Department, Environmental Health Division. Gene supplied plant and landscape photos that were used in many of the original graphic designs. E-mail:

John Davis, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Wildlife Division. John provided several home landscape and native plant photos used in the original graphic designs. E-mail:

Photographs provided by others:

Photographs were generously provided by many people here in North Texas. Some were obtained indirectly through team member slide files, and others were provided directly to the project manager. The following is a partial list of those who provided materials. For additional information about these or any other photos in the Texas SmartScape™, contact us at

John Snowden, Blue Stem Nursery (wholesale). John supplied photos of ornamental grasses for the database. Web site:

Dr. Wayne Mackay, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Research and Extension Center, The TAMU System. Wayne contributed photos of trees and shrubs that were needed to conclude the database. E-mail:

Bob O'kennon and Barney Lipscomb, BRIT (Botanical Research Institute of Texas). Bob and Barney furnished photos of native plants that were not readily available from other sources. Web site:

Jimmy Turner, Green Lake Nursery (wholesale). Jimmy provided several slides of perennials. Contact him through Sam Weger, Calloway's Nursery, (817) 246-5432.

Kathleen Cook, City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department. Kathleen provided several needed photographs from the Botanical Gardens slide archives. Phone: (817) 871-7688.

Anne Cook, Texas Department of Transportation, Travel Division. Anne helped locate some beautiful slides at the TXDOT photo library in Austin. E-mail:

Steve Schwartzman, Austin and Vicinity CD. Steve provided photos of some native plants. Web site

Sol Stellfox, photos of butterflies in Cedar Hill State Park. Sol provided a series of local butterfly shots that were used in many of the original graphic designs. Contact Sol through John Davis, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department,

Many other photographs were submitted by Residents or used under the Creative Commons Licence.


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