Useful Terms

Definitions of terms used throughout this site.


SmartScape Demonstration Gardens

SmartScape gardens that you can visit to get ideas and see how it is done. Many of the locations also offer classes at various times throughout the spring and summer.


Books and self-help materials

Many excellent books about general Texas gardening and landscaping are available at bookstores, nurseries and libraries. We've listed a few that we found execptionally helpful


Professional Help and Commercial Resources

A wealth of information is accessible through Texas state agencies such as the Extension Service, Parks & Wildlife and others


SmartScape-Friendly Companies

A list of nurseries/landscape design/maintenance companies that sell some or all of the SmartScape plants appropriate for the North Central Texas region, are familiar with Texas SmartScape or the concept of using native and adapted plants, and/or incorporate SmartScape ideas and techniques in landscape designs and maintenance.

Interested in becoming a SmartScape-Friendly Company? Fill out the participant agreement and send it to us!


Other Websites with helpful information

Calculate your lawn's watering needs using this formula, average rainfall, and expected evapotranspiration.

Information about Composting

Extension Service Horticulture Network

EPA's Green Landscaping

Native Trees

Native Shrubs

Native Plant Society of Texas (searchable by chapter sites)

Plant Questions and Answers Have a plant question?Ask the Texas Extension Service experts

Texas Tree Planting Guide
This site is maintained by the Texas Forest Service and provides detailed information about selecting trees.

Texas State Parks & Wildlife

Texas Superstar Plants